A Saint Augustine Experience.

Marbella and the Granada

Marbella is 530 square feet, while Granada is 606 square feet.

Both charming one-story Casitas sleep 4. They each have a spacious bedroom and full bath and shower offering flexibility to all visitors. The roomy kitchen with dining/living room opens to a restful outdoor loggia with a fire pit and outdoor seating area. The kitchen and bath feature hardwood cabinetry, granite, tile or quartz counter tops and professional grade stainless steel appliances. Keep your space comfortable with lots of vinyl windows and adjustable plantation wood interior shutters throughout. The Spanish inspired roofing, ironwork details, and exterior presents attractive architectural shutters and pavers at the patios and walkways. You will enjoy this comfortable home base before you head out for each day’s adventure, and rest upon your return. Each site is fully landscaped with lush foliage to complete the portrait of luxury.

Floor Plans

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