George Discovers The Fountains at the Tampa RV Supershow

Conquistador Chronicles I

“When has it ever happened, either in ancient or modern times, that such amazing exploits have been achieved? Over so many climes, across so many seas, over such distances by land, to subdue the unseen and unknown?” – Francisco Xerez

History has a way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

Like my ancestors before me, I have heard whispered tales ebbing from the mouths of eager adventurers about a revolutionary, tropical paradise for RVers in La Florida. Their murmured messages all say the same thing, “The New World lies in The Fountains legend.”

But where and what is, The Fountains? My brethren breathed rumors of the place into my ears – of the incredible opulence, lush geography and the freedom to travel unburdened – until I could think of little else. I tasked myself with the mission of traveling across the Atlantic seaboard in search for this new settlement. Suddenly the Conquistadors set sail once again for the heart of La Florida.

After landing along the First Coast, we received word that The Fountains legend would be revealed in Tampa at an extraordinary event called the “Florida RV Supershow” – the largest RV show in America. I set course for due southwest in hopes of discovering The Fountains legend and adding top-of-the-line vessels to my fleet.

George the Conquistador on a Tram at the Tampa RV SupershowDespite driving rains and blustery head winds, the Florida RV Supershow saw 63,000 visitors stomp through the Florida State Fairgrounds, matching 2015’s record-breaking attendance numbers. Once in the Supershow gates, it only took a couple of inquiries of, “Where can I find The Fountains, a La Florida legend?” before I unearthed the true meaning of The Fountains. After fighting the one-thousand strong crowds of t-shirt matching couples, sun-seeking snowbirds and discount-hungry retirees in Supplier Building B, I saw it: The Fountains Premier Motorcoach Resort booth.

It turns out The Fountains is located in the nation’s oldest city – St. Augustine – the same place my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather ventured to and discovered in 1513. Located along La Florida’s coast, The Fountains of St. Augustine lets history buffs, eager shoppers and outdoor explorers conquer daily adventures. But The Fountains boasts of larger splendor than its backyard bounties. The Fountains Premier Motorcoach Resort is pioneering a brand-new class of RV resort living that re-imagines how Class A RV owners vacation, travel and live with their motorcoach.

Unlike most other RV Parks or Resorts, The Fountains is a Vacation Club Membership Resort that allows members to buy and trade their Fountains points for weeks or months to stay at The Fountains inaugural Resort. Discerning Class A owners can experience the luxury and amenities of a 5-star Resort while also enjoying the freedom to travel promised by the RV lifestyle.

George the Conquistador meets an RV dog at the Tampa RV Supershow 2016It was difficult to describe The Fountains Premier Motorcoach Resort’s legend to hurried passersby, especially in my traditional and albeit intimidating Conquistador armament. So I decided to “work the circuit” as they say, and spread the tales of The Fountains to the RV Supershow vendors and guests while also looking at the best Class A vessels a land-dwelling Conquistador could ever want.

George the Conquistador with an iPad in a Featherlike RV.For my first stop on my first ever RV Tradeshow experience, I toured the Featherlite Coaches. Costing just a bit more than pocket change (price ranges from $1-2million), Featherlite Coaches use Prevost bus shell conversions to create luxurious motorcoaches. After learning about a device called an “iPad” that can control everything in an RV – from dimming the lights to firing the engine – and field-testing margaritas mixed from a deluxe patio bar slide out, you could say that I’m Featherlite Coaches number 1 fan.

George The Conquistador at The Tiffin Booth - Tampa RV Supershow 2016In between taking selfies, joy-riding the Supershow tram, and touring the thousands of RVs, varying from camper trailers to toy haulers; I stopped by Tiffin Motorhomes at the LazyDays RV Display. While speaking with Tim Tiffin the General Manager about Tiffin’s legacy, I learned that Tiffin Motorhomes has been family owned and operated for the past forty years by two Tiffin generations. The Tiffin Family, unlike other Class A manufacturers, builds their motorhomes from the ground, up – literally.

George the Conquistador luxuriating in a MotorhomeFrom custom-building each chassis to constructing the washer and dryer cabinet, Tiffin custom designs and builds their Motorhomes for customer satisfaction, or “peace-of-mind”, guaranteed. Plus, Tiffin’s motorhomes provide owners with spacious galleys and luxurious suites for those needing to practice their bedroom eyes.

If you’re like me and searching for a New World settlement that combines the freedom to travel with luxury RV resort living, isn’t it time to ask about The Fountains legend?

– George the Conquistador