A Saint Augustine Experience.


You’ve arrived! Have you been searching for luxury Motorcoach resorts that support your big rig and cater to your large lifestyle only to find most aren’t quite what you had in mind? Would you like to enjoy the higher-end resort living without paying the hefty price tag of a single lot purchase and having to maintain it year after year? Consider joining the Fountains Vacation Club!


The Fountains Vacation Club offers its members a network of existing and affiliated luxury resorts in popular destinations across the United States that uphold unified above-par expectations and values. Beautiful properties with five-star appeal, security, clubhouse, pool, spacious lots, fitness and social events, groomed landscaping, access to major roadways for offsite exploration, and more. Members choose how they travel without the worry of lot management or lifelong contractual burdens, often found through fee-simple fixed lot ownership purchases and timeshare contracts. You decide where, when, how long, and the type of accommodation for your stay whilst enjoying your large coach.

Now building in northeast Florida is our flagship luxury Motorcoach resort, The Fountains of St Augustine. Specifically designed for the Class A Motorcoach. This property is planned to have wide radius roadways, 24/7 security, paved sites, fully supported pads, optional Casitas adjacent to pads, resort activities, services, amenities and more, all within a gated community. With easy access to major highways, this five-star resort will be the perfect home base for you to explore anywhere in Florida and beyond.

As a member, you choose how you stay each visit. Reserve the use of a pad-only site for short trips or upgrade to any of the six different Casita floorplans to accommodate tag-alongs, visitors and longer stays. Feel free to select a Casita that best suits your comfort level. It is up to you. The Spanish influenced resort of The Fountains of St Augustine echoes its deep rich heritage in the architectural design and embraces Florida’s environment with lush landscaping, water features and natural wetlands.

A new era of luxury Motorcoach traveling has come, it’s time you experience it!